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The postulancy is the first stage of formation as a Capuchin Franciscan Friar. The postulancy lasts for ten months and takes place at St. Conrad Friary in Berkeley.

Postulancy is a time for candidates to get to know the Order better by living and working with the friars. The postulants pray with the community, and participate in household duties. They also spend time in ministry, especially to the poor. During Postulancy there are also classes and discussions on our faith, the religious life, and St. Francis of Assisi and the Capuchin Order. Postulants may also attend some classes at a local college or hold a part-time job.

Postulancy is a time of discernment; postulants are free to leave at any time, but are very much part of the community.

"The formation of Postulants aims primarily at completing their catechesis in the faith and includes an introduction to Liturgy, methods of prayer, Capuchin Franciscan instruction and an initial experience of apostolic work.  It must also reinforce and promote human maturity, especially emotional maturity, and an ability to discern the signs of the times in light of the Gospel."   Capuchin Constitutions 28:2