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After novitiate the friars in formation move back to the San Francisco Bay Area, to the Capuchin House in Berkeley. The first year there is a time of further deepening of our Franciscan life of contemplation and action. During this time the friars also get to experience life and ministry in various houses in the province and our mission in Northern Mexico.

Depending on their program, the friars in the formation are then involved in studies and ministries in preparation for their solemn vows, by which they commit themselves to the Order for the rest of their lives.

“The Post Novitiate is the period in which the brothers, progressing further in maturity, prepare themselves for the definitive choice of our Gospel life that is undertaken through Perpetual Profession.”  Capuchin Constitutions 30:1

“Let the brothers, according to each one’s gifts and grace, apply themselves to a more profound study of sacred Scripture, spiritual theology, Liturgy and the history and spirituality of the Order; let them also exercise various forms of the apostolate as well as domestic work.”  Capuchin Constitutions 30:3