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St. Seraphin of Montegrano

From early youth, he felt the urgings of God and gave himself to the influence of the Holy Spirit.

As a young boy, he spent many hours in prayer, absorbed by the thought of God. He worked as a shepherd boy.

When he came to the order, he admitted that he was unskilled in work and with a childlike simplicity able to love God alone. Through grace, he had been schooled in the art of prayer, like the Apostles.

He learned to pray always and be in union with God day and night, to refer all things to God as a loving Father, to be truly a man of prayer who depended on God.

Fr. Cuthbert describes Seraphin as "... a guileless simple soul." We are told that he was clumsy and ignorant. To all this God added a spiritual dryness and thus we can see the saintly brother had a share in the sufferings both physical and spiritual that Jesus had suffered. Nevertheless, God restored his peace by giving him the grace to bear his trials, in order to come closer to Christ.

We are told that Seraphin had a never failing thoughtfulness for the needs of the people around him. Fr Cuthbert says of him, "... he would starve himself, but would never let another go hungry if he could help it. He would break his accustomed fasts if he, by eating, could induce an ailing brother to eat with him. He spent his nights in prayer, but by day was at the service of those who needed him, at times; we are told, and crowds came to the friary gate."

It seems that everyone who had troubles must bring them to Fr. Seraphin. It was for the sick and poor that he had the most compassion. It was for these, the least of Christ's brothers, that Seraphin begged and worked. To satisfy his charity, the friars allowed him to cultivate part of the friary garden for their benefit and we are told that God blessed his work in abundance, even though he was unskilled in gardening.

Seraphin had a great love for the Eucharist and the Priesthood. Like his Father Francis, he rejoiced to kiss the hand of the priest, for this soul through his prayer and work, understood what mortal eyes could not. He was canonized in 1767. His feast is celebrated on the 12th of October.