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Annual picnic at Sunny Fields Park in Solvang

The Vocation Office hosted it's annual picnic for the Novice class 2019-20 at a local park in Solvang. The Cachuma Lake cruise which was part of the outing was cancelled due to high winds and rough waters. Hiking the lake area and viewing the Nature Center was offered by the park staff. It was a wonderful day!
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Welcome dinner for Novices 2019-20

A welcome dinner for the incoming class of novices was held July 28th. 2019 at San Lorenzo Novitiate in Santa Ynez. The supporting community hosted a wonderful evening and everyone enjoyed meeting the new brothers
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Outdoor Mass at Circle "V" Camp

An outdoor Mass is celebrated at Circle "V" Camp in the Figueroa Mountains. Children from the inner city come for a week of spiritual and country experience. Counselors and supporters are present for guidance, sharing and love.
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Br. Joe

Br. Joe was visited by the new Novice class 2019-20. Br. Joe is considered the living saint at Atterdag Village. The staff loves him dearly!
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THE CAPERONE - Novitiate Newsletter

St. Francis said, “The Lord gave me brothers.” Discerning a Capuchin Franciscan vocation begins with prayer and personal reflection. As friars, we seek to help others discern their vocation, and see if they have a call to follow Jesus as a Capuchin Franciscan.
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