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News from around the Province

St. Barnabas Confirmation Class
Circle V Ranch, Santa Barbara, CA
January 2014
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Friars preparing for Mass
while on Retreat at San Juan Bautista
January 2014

Novices Invested

Br. Victor Taglianetti and Br. Lance Houck

Br. Frank Grinko leads the formal rite of investiture

Br. Alexander Rodriguez; Br. Victor Taglianetti; Fr. Peter Banks, Vocation Director;
Br. Lance Houck; and Br. Alejandro Sanchez

Br. Alexander Rodriguez, Br. Victor Taglianetti,
Br. Lance Houck and Br. Alejandro Sanchez

Br. Christopher Silva; Br. Alexander Rodriguez;
Br. Peter Ciolino; Br. Victor Taglianetti; Br. Alexander Escalera;
Fr. Matt Olsheff, Provincial; Fr. Bobby Barbato;
Br. Lance Houck; Br. Lance Love; Br. Alejandro Sanchez; and
Fr. Peter Banks, Vocation Director.
On Saturday, July 21, 2013, Twenty-three men from jurisdictions of the
North American Pacific Capuchin Conference (NAPCC) began their novitiate year
as Capuchin novices at the conference's common novitiate
in the Santa Ynez Valley. Two brothers, Victor Taglianetti and Lance Houck,
from our own Our Lady of Angels Province. During Evening Prayer
the Novice Master, Br. Frank Grinko OFM Cap, led the
formal rite of investiture, a ceremony during which
the novices receive their Capuchin habits.


Two Novices Profess Simple Vows

Alejandro Sanchez

Alexander Rodriguez

On Saturday, July 13, 2013, at 11:00 AM at Old Mission Santa Ines as Alejandro Sanchez and Alexander Rodriguez professed their Simple Vows. A reception followed in the parish hall. Congratulations! They will now head back to Student House in Berkeley for further study.

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Two Men Accepted into Postulancy

Devin Twitty

Daniel Ochoa

On Monday, May 31, 2013, Devin Twitty and Daniel Ochoa,
were accepted into the Postulancy.



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